Made To Measure Canopies

A2z Canopies makes it easy to get the Canopy that suits your needs. We offer a range of sizes, styles, and colours.

Made to measure Canopies

Your Considering a Canopy Installation10%
Considering a Canopy installation is the first start. Browse our website, give us a call to find out more about the products that we offer and confirm the right product for the location of your new Canopy.

Canopy & Carport Installations


Contact us to discuss your options and identify what products are suitable for your use case
First Steps In Your Canopy Installation Journey25%

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We Receive Your Request

Working with the information you provide, we will look to arrange a Survey or recommend a Guaranteed option with an agreed fixed cost backed by our Customer Promise.
Options For Canopy Installation Provided50%
Our assessment will take into account the Canopy type and purpose. We can often do this with photos of the location. Where we cannot we can arrange for someone to come and measure up to confirm suitability and options for you.

Guaranteed Fix Cost Solution

Where we can identify the Canopy solution has no complications, we are able to provide a Guaranteed Fixed cost price.

On-Site Survey

If we are unable to confirm the measurements or you require someone to confirm the Canopies suitability we will complete an On-Site Survey.

Canopy Location

Locations Assessed & Suitable

Canopy Style

Canopy Type Confirmed

Canopy Dimensions

Canopy Size Agreed

Canopy Colour

Canopy Colour & any additional Extras Confirmed
A2z Canopies Canopy Installation Quote Provided75%

Quotation Provided

We will send you a Email Quote Confirmation.
We will provide a Quote for the Canopy that will not change, fixed for 6 Months from Date issued. If you expect a longer duration between the quote and the installation please advise and we can work with your timescales.
We offer a no hassle price promise Guarantee meaning the price we Quote is the price you pay.
Agree Canopy Installation Quote85%
Once the Canopy details have been confirmed we will arrange an Installation date that is convenient to Install your new Canopy.
Installation Date Agreed95%
Canopy Installation agreed.
Canopy Installed by A2z Canopies Installer100%
Canopy is Installed and Payment Made. Remember your Canopy is Guaranteed for 10 Years from the Installed date.

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About Us

A2z Canopies Limited have many years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing Cantilever Canopies for multiple purposes across the public, commercial and domestic sectors.
Quality is at the heart of what A2z Canopies produce and install. We have been in business for over 18 years and understand customer's needs. We use the best materials, and manufacture our products in the UK.

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