A2z Canopies Social Distancing Policy

A2z Canopies continue to remain open in accordance with the guidance and recommendations from the UK government.

Essential Installation Reasons

We have limited our installations to only essential reasons such as:

  • Installs in essential facilities, such as Schools, Colleges, food distribution centres, to enhance outdoor space utilisation and encourage social distancing
  • Installation's for Keyworkers who require the outdoor space for their work and/or storage of items that cannot be brought into the household
  • Install on domestic premises to help facilitate outdoor contactless collection of items enabling safe social distancing
  • Installation on domestic premises to protect the health and mental wellbeing of household members, for example, to enable household members to smoke outside to reduce the risk of fire and the harmful effects of passive smoking to other household members
  • Installations that, when out of lockdown, will enable business to conduct safer, socially distanced business activity to help reduce the spread of COVID19.
Social distancing

In these extraordinary times, A2z Canopies is constantly reviewing the fast-moving situation from government to support the national effort to tackle COVID-19.

While social distancing is fundamentally a public health measure introduced to reduce the spread of infection, we recognise the concerns raised on social distancing within the workplace and take the concerns seriously.


Where A2z Canopies identifies employees who are not taking action to comply with the relevant public health legislation and guidance to control public health risks, eg employees not taking appropriate action to socially distance, we will consider taking a range of actions to improve control of workplace risks. These actions include the provision of specific advice to employees through to issuing disciplinary action .


Implementing social distancing measures

We have considered how we can implement social distancing in our workplace and identified that we can operate safely and implement social distancing measures. To do this we have

    • Evaluated what additional support we needed to implement social distancing measures and implemented the recommendations 
    • Ensured working practices are adapted to reflect the social distancing guidance where possible
    • Ensured sufficient equipment is available to allow for reduced contact or sharing of equipment and tools
    • Discouraged staff from gathering outside the workplace
    • Discouraged unnecessary gathering for example during break times or lunch provision and staggered lunch times
  • Considered how staff travel and arrive at the workplace
    • Reduced any unnecessary travel
  • Enhanced cleaning routines
    • Increased frequency.


Increased Customer Safety

Our activity is outside causing minimum exposure to our customers. To ensure no risk to our customer’s we have discussed and worked with out staff to ensure our staff will:

  • Keep social distance of 2M when installing
  • offer Electronic invoice and Contactless payment option
  • Not attend work if they experience any symptoms of Covid-19 infection
  • Leave work, as soon as possible, if they experience symptoms of Covid-19 during their time at work
  • Talk to each other about coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing and hand washing
  • Follow guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection if someone in their house is ill.

Social Distancing

Protect Each Other

Stay Safe

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