A2z Canopies can be used for a wide variety of purposes and designed to suit any location and environment. We can provide shelters to schools, offices and other public places. Whether you choose one of our standardised Covered Areas or choose a bespoke Covered Walkway, A2z Canopies  can help. From initial consultancy through to a fully installed shelter, canopy or walkway A2z Canopies  can offer you a stylish and practical exterior solution.

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We can offer you a design and build solution from the initial consultancy right through to the installed and finished product


We can offer you a design and build solution from the initial consultancy right through to the installed and finished product. Our customers liaise directly with our fully qualified experts providing assurance and confidence throughout your project. 

Our Shelters can be specifically designed to be used within a sporting environment such as football, golf and athletic clubs. These shelters may also be used by schools or community centres.
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We provide smoking shelters to offer protection for smokers in adverse weather conditions, which are available in four sizes with multiple entry and exit points and complete with a range of components such as seating and cigarette bins.

Walkway Canopy

A2z Canopies are versatile and so pleasing to the eye that many of our customer's have opted to use them as Patio Canopies.

View Gallery for more Examples.

This is a cost effective solution for creating an open space for all weather.

  • No planning permission
  • Minimal disruption on installation
  • Reduced risk of having a conservatory.

Patio Canopy

Extendable to cover the whole property creating dry open space.

View a Video demonstration of a Patio Canopy installed by A2z Canopies. 

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A2z Canopies have many years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing Cantilever Canopies for multiple purposes across the public, commercial and domestic sectors.
Quality is at the heart of what A2z Canopies produce and install. We have been in business for over 18 years and understand customer's needs. We use the best materials, and manufacture our products in the UK.

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